The Albany Frame


Pictured with a Black wood finish. Also available with Hickory.

Our Continental Promo Frames by Night & Day Furniture are a novel futon system especially designed for the promotional, low-cost frame customer. Solid Hardwood Construction ensures a strong, durable frame. Continental Promo frames are easily identifiable by their lengthwise deck-slats.

All Continental Promo Collection items come with a limited 5 year warranty. Drawers are available for an additional $120.

The Albany Frame is a sturdy, simple choice for your futon. This frame is insanely popular with undergraduates, especially those on a financial diet.
A full size fits snugly under any dorm loft, and our 5 year warranty guarantees this frame will last any student their entire undergraduate career!

Full size dimensions: 79.2″ x 36.8″
For other dimensions give us a call at 319-338-5330, or email us at