nonquality1Is this what comes to mind when you think of futon?

We sure hope not.

Futon’s have been popular for so long because of their low cost, efficient use of space, and versatility.

You have a lot of options when you look at futons online, but  we’ve been selling futons since 1995, when people said our futons were “all that and a bag of chips.”

What makes our futons so much better?  At a glance our futon shown right,  versus an unnamed “competitor” shown left.


Our mattress, shown on the right, uses a combination of foam and cotton.  This enhances the durability of the mattress as well as the comfort.  The mattress shown is a “American Style” 4 layer foam mattress.  Our best seller, and best value!

We offer all cotton mattresses as well, for our environmentally informed consumers or those on a financial diet.

 Indifferent to the technical stuff? Well here are the 5 most practical ways we’ll change the way you view futons:

nonquality2-We have a broad selection of futon mattresses
(and you’ll never feel the frame underneath them)

-Our futons are easy to bring up and down
(as every futon should be)

-Our futons can be washed in your home washing machine, don’t try that with a couch!
(just make sure you choose a washable cover!)

-We carry futons with 10 year warranties.
(because they really last that long)

-We have tens of thousands of unique futon sets available!
(we can match even the most obscure home office or guest room themes)