Hand Made

Our futons last longer because they’re built better.  Our standard futon uses 8 layers of high quality bonded fiber cotton, but we offer a multitude of futons that use foam, memory foam, or inner-springs!

Our cotton is provided by The Wolf Corporation,  who offers cotton with specialized bonded fibers that were designed specifically for futons.  These fibers are extremely tough, and as comfortable as they are supportive.  A minimum of four layers  is used in each futon, in order to counter act natural wear.

handmade3We are invested in sustainability at a core level. Boric acid, an essential plant nutrient, is used in our futons to ensure they meet federal safety standards without the use of unnatural chemicals.

While we are not an organic futon company, we are conscious of our carbon footprint.  In addition to our plantation grown wooden frames, and natural futon mattress materials, even our delivery system is Eco-conscious.   After your futon is made, it’s protected in a plastic coating thick enough to be reused multiple times, before it retires to the recycling facility.