Leaving town for the summer? Store your futon with us!

Only $150!

$80 Sophomore Warranty:  We’ll make sure your futon works like new August 2019 includes: assembly, replacing hardware lost in move, replacing up to two major pieces. If you’ve purchased a new cover, mattress, or frame, we’ll install your new pieces at this time.

Consider Storage: for $70 more, ($150 total) We’ll  ALSO disassemble, store, and protector your futon for any duration of time between May 2nd-September 31st 2019. Perfect for when the dorms kick you out!



You don’t have to lift a finger!

We can pick your futon up AND drop it off at no extra cost!**

Our stored futons are never  lost or damaged! If your futon is lost or damaged under our care, you get a premium futon FREE!*

*Futons lost or damaged by disasters outside of our control, such as tornadoes, will be replaced but not upgraded.

**Your account will be charged $30 at the beginning of the month starting October 1st if your futon is not scheduled for return.
Accounts with an outstanding balance exceeding $100 will be discarded, and the stored  futon will be scraped or donated as appropriate.