100% Satisfaction

Why is The Futon Shop so incredibly amazing?

Why, we’re glad you asked…


-Futons should be handmade on-site, and you’ll be sure we use higher quality materials than you’ll find anywhere else

-Locally-owned for 20 years, and truly appreciative of our customers

-Our delivery and installation service reduces the frequency and magnitude of swear words

-College students: we can store your futon during the summer, and even during that weird period when you are homeless for a few days (Iowa City people know what we’re talking about!)

-Our futons are not flimsy or uncomfortable. those come from department stores. Come in and feel the difference!

-With thousands of futons available from our store, we can find exactly what you’re looking for.



We guarantee your futons will leave you 100% satisfied!satisfact3














And for those wondering….

We pledge to MEET OR BEAT  any local competitors prices on similar items.  (Even though we know nobody can match the quality of our hand-made futons).